The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays – Platinum Edition Volume 2

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The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays Platinum Series – Volume 2 contains over 3,990 plays. It is a compilation of the latest innovative plays from all levels, and a great resource for any coach. The book is broken into chapters on each set of plays and the diagrams are easy to follow. The Platinum Series is a follow up to the Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays Master Series, which contained over 4,300 plays (2 Volumes Combined).  You will be able to find a play for any occasion with this volume.

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Any coach looking for the latest and innovative plays from the Professional, College, or High School levels can stop looking.  With a compilation of over 7,700 different plays, you will never need to purchase another basketball playbook again.  This 2 Volume Book includes plays from 19 different play categories, and they are the most extensive playbooks on the market.

The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays (Platinum Series) contains over 7,700 Plays (Both Volumes combined) from the NBA, WNBA, USBL, and College levels from someone who has worked as an Advanced Scout or Coach on each level!!!  This book has been intensely compiled over the last 21 years, with plays taken from a lot of NBA Coaches (past and present), WNBA coaches, and College coaches (Men’s and Women’s) from around the country.

Any coach that is serious about improving their knowledge of the game from an X and O standpoint will benefit tremendously from these books.  These Books can be used to discover New Quick hitters, add a New Package to your playbook, or develop an entire offensive system.   There are a lot of new ideas and concepts in these books, and the Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays can be a great resource for coaches on all levels!!!

5 reviews for The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays – Platinum Edition Volume 2

  1. Dee Brown, Los Angeles Clippers, NBA Assistant Coach & Player Development / Former NBA Slam Dunk Champion

    Vonn Read is one of the most knowledgeable coaches at any level in our game. He has put an incredible amount of thought and study into our game and into creating and developing “The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays”. I’ve had the honor of having Vonn as an Assistant Coach for several years in the WNBA, and I’ve seen the uncanny understanding of plays, sets, and the inner workings of the offensive side of the basketball. This book is great at any level of basketball from youth basketball all the way to the NBA and WNBA game. I guarantee you will become a better coach and offensive guru with this book, and it is a must have book for any coaches’ library and worth every penny”.

  2. Larry Dean Jackson, Shamrock High School, Shamrock TX

    “If you only have the chance to purchase 2 books this year, you should make them “The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays” (Platinum Series – Vol 1 & Vol 2). This is an absolute treasure of basketball plays. I can guarantee they will fit into your offensive system. We’ve used many plays from Coach Read’s two fabulous books over the last two years with great success. And when we are in search of something fresh, we pull out our “Encyclopedias”. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us Coach Read.”

  3. Clay Pittinaro, Rochester Razor Sharks (PBL)

    “I turn over every possible rock looking for basketball content. When it comes to offensive basketball sets and actions, Vonn’s books are as far as you need to go. No matter what you run currently, what you may want to run in the future, these books have it. I’ve used these books at every level and for every purpose. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for wrinkles to what you do now or if you’re looking to overhaul to something new; these two collections by Vonn are all you’ll need… Man, Zone, Big, Small, Inside, Outside, Half Court, Full Court, Sideline, Baseline. That doesn’t even cover everything you’ll find here”.

  4. Dale Osbourne, Portland Trail Blazers NBA Assistant Coach /Tulsa 66ers (NBDL)

    “Vonn Read’s Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays playbook is great for all coaches. It contains plays for all game situations. Whatever personnel you have, this playbook has plays for your team. I would recommend these books to all coaches”.

  5. Lason Perkins, Chapel Hill High School

    “Vonn Read has assembled, in my opinion the best collection of professional and college plays from around the world in his playbook series. You will not find anything else like it. If you are a true X and O junkie like me, you will not put these books down and you will always refer to it for new play ideas”.

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