The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays – 1st Edition Book


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The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays “1st Edition” book is the first book published in the Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays Series Collection!!  This book consists of plays from the Pro’s, College, and High School levels, which consists of over 800 plays from 16 different play categories!!

This book was intensely compiled over a 12-Year period, with plays taken from all the NBA Coaches (past and present), WNBA coaches, and a lot of the Collegiate programs (Women’s and Men’s) around the country.

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The play categories include:

  1. Early Offenses
  2. Pick and Rolls
  3. Post Ups
  4. Baseline Screens
  5. Cross Screens
  6. Isolations
  7. Zipper Sets
  8. Hawk Cuts
  9. UCLA Cuts
  10. Continuity Offenses
  11. Triangle Offenses
  12. After Time Out Plays
  13. Under Out of Bounds Plays
  14. Side Out of Bounds Plays
  15. End of Game Plays
  16. 3 – Point Plays

Any coach that is serious about improving their knowledge of the game from an X and O standpoint will benefit from this book tremendously.  This is a must for all coaches on every level.  This book is 110 pages packed with nothing but plays!!

These Books can be used to discover New Quick hitters or develop an entire offensive system.   There are a lot of new ideas and concepts in these books!!!


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